How to decorate a small apartment and create an entryway

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23 Sep

How to decorate a small apartment and create an entryway

With a small apartment, it can be hard to keep your home organized with the front door leading directly to the living room without any formal entry hall. Plus, if you do not have a closet to hang coats, it makes matters worse. The solution is to take some of the following steps to put your entryway look amazing and be convenient.


Do you have a great common living area, but when you walk into your rental apartment, there isn’t any place to hang your coat or put down your things?

 Is your entryway missing a little bit of color too?

 No worry! You can absolutely fix that problem. Let’s see how you can create a practical, beautiful and efficient entryway for your small place.




Installing Coat Hangers


Are you depositing your coats over your sofa in your living room every day you come in and start having a mess all around your house? Installing coat hangers is probably the best thing you can do in order for your house to start looking a lot more organized. Not only it is efficient for yourself, and for you to be able to hang your handbags and umbrellas, but it’s also practical when you are receiving guests.




Hanging Large Mirrors


Adding mirrors in your entry hall will not only brighten the space, reflecting light from your apartment, but it will radically help with making your little space look a lot bigger.


{The bigger the mirror, the wider your space will look}


The effect of reflection automatically makes any room seem a lot larger et more spacious. And not to forget that a mirror in an entry hall is a pretty good additive to make sure you can go out looking the way you like!




Installing Wall Sconces


Adding wall sconces in your entryway is a great idea to brighten the room. Here are some modern wall sconces you can add to your space :

Casopia Wall Sconces




Adding a Message Board


A Message Board is a great way to add a touch of fun and modernity to your entryway. And also, this will provide a place for leaving messages, and great reminders before you go out and when you come home.


Friends can also have fun and leaving you some notes when the come in!


You can browse Casopia for some great Message boards : Casopia Message Boards



Some other ideas


Adding wall decals will not only add the much-needed beautiful wall to hang your coats and umbrellas, but it will also add a nice splash of color. And also, this will make your hanging coat place inviting when you walk in.


Hanging wall art and paintings is a great way to sparkle your space. Choosing warm colors will definitely warm up the white walls you have all around the apartment. If you have a large wall to work with, you could go up to adding three identical wall panels side to side. And whatever you can put on the walls, you can put on your panels.



Finally, matching pieces is the most important aspect to keep in view. This will make your apartment go from a unlived looking space to a modern, sparkled and wide looking apartment which you can enjoy yourself and your guests!