The Power of Furniture

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23 Sep

The Power of Furniture

Never underestimate the power of furniture. Here are some great facts that will change your whole perception about furniture! 


Reasons you Need Good Furniture

1) Without a dining room table, you’d have to eat on the floor with your dog.

{ 98% of people like to eat only with other people }


2) It’s hard to read at night without a lamp. 

{ 91% of people who like to read prefer not doing it in the dark }


3) Your kids need a place to do their homework.

{ Only 11% of parents like letting their children use their backs as a desk }


4) Your parties would be really awkward without furniture.

 {89% of party guests like to sit down at least once per evening}

 {100% of dogs would eat 100% of any pigs-in-a-blanket they found}


5) Your relatives prefer not sleeping on the floor when they visit.

 {Your In-Law Approval Rating (ILAR) will increase by 83% if you have a bed for them to sleep in}



Better Living Through Comfortable Furniture!

 Did you know…?


 {90% of grumpiness is caused by saggy couches}

 {86% of people surveyed say a comfortable recliner is the first thing they look for in a mate}

 {78% of happy couples met at Casopia furniture}

 {91% of lottery winners own comfortable furniture}

 {81% of people who buy a new office chair receive a promotion the nex day}

 {84% of people with a new couch lose weight without diet or exercise}

 {100% of people with comfortable furniture are smart, funny, popular, and incredibly attractive}


 100% of these scientifically researched statistics are 100% true!

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