Quick and easy ways to redecorate your small bathroom

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23 Sep

Quick and easy ways to redecorate your small bathroom



Having no life, whatsoever, in your small bathroom can be a hard and tricky thing to try to solve. But wait a little bit! You just need to put a little bit of energy and the trick is done. Going for a Zen and Nature-inspired kind of décor is a great inspiration to begging with. Here’s a quick and easy bathroom makeover !



Taking size in consideration

 {The smaller your bathroom is, the less you will need}


While decorative a small space, always keep in mind that less is more. A little of well chosen elements can accomplish all the job. It’s a matter of choosing the right elements to create a harmonious ambiance.


Establishing the basics

 As we just said, a little, but well chosen touches is the key. So let’s attack the basics of the bathroom.


 As we are going for a modern, nature-centered look, the toilet seat can be a great changer to the whole bathroom look. Bianca Wooden Toilet Seat is therefore, a great alternative as opposed to the usual, flat blank seat. Light wooden elements are also very much on trend.


 Having a modern, fresh faucet in your sink is a great basic to impress your guests. Rather than changing the whole sink area which can require more than a few efforts, replacing your old faucet is much easier and it does a similar effect in the final look. Here are some great, modern faucets you need to check out.




Steps for Choosing the Right Decors

1. Getting some nature-inspired touches is essential to create that Zen look. Adding some natural elements like decorative branches, small stones or wooden decors is a great way to quickly touch up your bathroom. Casopia offers a great range of decorative objects that can suit the modern nature-inspired look. For instance, you can add this Set of Natural, Roped Birch onto your sink countetop.


2. Choosing the right shower curtain is crucial in the bathroom, especially when it’s right in front of your bathroom’s door. Try looking for a simple, light coloured, preferably white curtain, so that it won’t attract too much attention, making your small bathroom look tangled.


3. Having a large mirror is amazingly helpful to create an illusion of a bigger bathroom if you are struggling with your small space. If you already have a mirror above your sink, you can add on the opposite wall some shaped mirrors to create a funny, yet easy size changer. This 7 piece round mirror set is the perfect fit for a small bathroom that needs some love.


4. Avoid adding unneeded elements, like rugs. If your flooring is modern and matching with the look you are going for, try avoiding rugs, which make the room look overwhelmed and squeezed. A flat floor will instead, keep the room at its minimum level of overwhelming, and will make it seem breathable.




Finally, don’t forget to have a nice scented fragrance in your bathroom, which will instantly make everyone feel welcomed!